Dr. Jamie Quinn: 2018 Rebecca Sandak Young Investigator Award Recipient

Dr. Jamie Quinn: 2018 Rebecca Sandak Young Investigator Award Recipient

FCRR methodologist, Dr. Jamie Quinn, was presented the 2018 Rebecca L. Sandak Award on July 21 in Brighton, England. The award, conferred by the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, recognizes gifted young reading researchers who show outstanding promise and dedication to the field. It was established to honor the memory of Rebecca Sandak who passed away before her research goals and ideas could be fully realized.

Home Math Environment

Meta-Analysis Aims to Shed Light on the Home Math Environment

Parents and families are constantly reminded about the importance of reading with their children, but what about math? Like reading difficulties, problems with math can delay children’s’ educational progress and jeopardize future outcomes.

FCRR Directors

Florida Center for Reading Research Celebrates 20 Years of Connecting Through Reading

In 2001, professor Joseph Torgesen, then-President George W. Bush, and then-Governor Jeb Bush unveiled a national reading initiative. Now, 20 years later, FCRR has built a legacy of innovative scholarship, learning and engagement.

Patton-Terry, Solari, Hogan, Hart

Multi-Site Research Collaborative Launched to Convert Learning Disability Discoveries into Faster Solutions that Help Students, Teachers, Parents

A five-year grant is behind the Learning Disabilities Translational Science Collective, a multi-site research center that will utilize $8,911,922 to translate discoveries from research into practical solutions.