These are the bylaws for the Florida Center for Reading Research (hereafter referred to as FCRR or The Center) at Florida State University (FSU). These bylaws were last approved on December 10, 2021 by a majority of the applicable voting members of FCRR and on December 10, 2021 by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) and the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement (FDA).


FSU’s interdisciplinary programs and centers have goals that reflect the research, education, an service missions of The University. FCRR was established by Governor Jeb Bush in January 2002 at FSU to address goals captured in state statute (SB 2048 Section 36. Section 1004.64, Florida Statutes). FCRR is constituted within and reports to OVPR.


FCRR is an interdisciplinary research center at FSU. Drawing from multiple disciplines, FCRR investigates all aspects of reading and reading-related skills across the lifespan. Through rigorous and robust research, innovation, and engagement, FCRR advances the science of reading to improve learning and achievement from birth through adulthood.


FCRR contributes to the quality, accessibility, use and relevance of reading and reading-related research by leveraging our talent, resources, and partnerships to:

  • conduct basic and applied interdisciplinary research on all aspects of reading and reading-related skills to benefit learners;
  • apply rigorous and innovative approaches that are responsive to the pressing problems of practice, policy, and research;
  • develop innovative multimedia resources to translate and disseminate results of high quality research relevant to a diverse group of stakeholders;
  • create and sustain meaningful, mutually supportive, and lasting cross-sector partnerships with diverse organizations to solve high leverage problems locally, nationally, and internationally;
  • engage in leadership and entrepreneurial activities to empower researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders to discover solutions, transform practices, and make improvements continuously; and
  • foster a diverse intellectual community of researchers and practitioners to advance the science of reading and develop the next generation of scholars and leaders.


Improving reading through science