FCRR Launches Innovative Learning Platform – The Academy


The Academy

In a major initiative to empower educators, school leaders, families, and communities in their efforts to support reading, the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) has introduced "The Academy" – a comprehensive platform offering support to use evidence-based tools and resources.

With over two decades of dedication to advancing reading research, FCRR has compiled a wealth of free evidence-based resources aimed at enhancing reading, language, and literacy for all learners in preschool through 12th grade. “And we’re not alone,” said FCRR Director Dr. Nicole Patton Terry. “Our colleagues across the nation and around the world have spent decades, often funded by millions in federal dollars, to discover, develop, and disseminate resources and tools that can be used today to support children’s learning. This represents a significant scientific investment in our nation’s future. It’s time everyone knew about it so they can use it too. The Academy is one way we can help make that happen.”

The Academy serves as a central hub for educators, school leaders, families, and community partners seeking practical, user-friendly materials. The goal is simple – to encourage widespread use of these valuable tools in classrooms, schools, homes, and other settings—anywhere that children are learning.

Key Features of The Academy:

  • Free Lessons and Courses: Access a variety of free brief lessons and long courses designed to provide a solid foundation in evidence-based reading instruction. Each resource is carefully curated to ensure relevance and effectiveness in the learning process.
  • Quick Tips for Busy Educators: For those seeking quick insights, The Academy offers brief 15-minute lessons that can be completed at one’s own pace. Literacy coaches and school leaders can also use these lessons in their own coaching sessions and professional learning offerings with their teachers. Whether individually or in groups, these lessons provide practical tips to support ongoing learning.
  • Job-Embedded Courses in Partnership with Just Read, Florida!: In collaboration with the Just Read, Florida! Office at the Florida Department of Education, FCRR extends its support to practicing teachers, coaches, and school leaders. These job-embedded courses, which provide face-to-face professional learning opportunities facilitated by trained, state-approved instructors, are designed to foster expertise in reading instruction, literacy coaching, and literacy leadership, and may even contribute towards endorsements or recertification.
The Academy website

Dr. Patton Terry expressed excitement about the platform's potential. "The launch of The Academy marks a milestone in our journey to not only advance reading through science, but also translate scientific discoveries in a way that promotes reading, language, and literacy for all learners. We believe this platform will empower educators, families, and communities.”

As FCRR emphasizes, The Academy is a dynamic space that will continue to evolve with the addition of more lessons and courses. Educators, professionals, and community partners are invited to explore The Academy, engage with evidence-based resources, and contribute to the mission of ensuring that all children are reading and succeeding in school. Development will be ongoing, so FCRR encourages frequent visits to stay updated on new offerings.

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