Empowering Communities: FCRR Distributes Community Engagement Kits to Local Partners during 2024 Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!


Families in our community can look forward to discovering valuable resources, courtesy of the Community Empowerment and Engagement Kit offered by The Village at Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR). The kits were developed through generous support from donations to FCRR’s 2023 Florida State University Great Give Campaign. These kits, featuring books, informational resources, and interactive activities, are designed to help families and community members support children wherever they are—at home, afterschool, in community centers, at the barbershop, in church—because everyone can help children grow as readers.

Since its founding in 2018, The Village has been at the forefront of advocating for reading and literacy, establishing strong connections with local schools through its STAND UP for Reading kiosks, placed in every Leon County public school, and public institutions through its Book Nook Bundles, available at all Leon County libraries. The initiative to engage with donors and supporters through FSU’s annual Great Give campaign underscores The Village’s commitment to leverage the university’s talent and resources to impact our local community.

Dr. Nicole Patton Terry, Director of the FCRR, emphasizes the comprehensive approach by stating, “We are dedicated to making sure that children in our backyard have what they need to be reading well in school, and that means we’re going to work with their families, local schools, and our local community organizations, anyone who is interested in making sure that kids are reading and succeeding in school.” The kits are designed to empower families, caregivers, and educators in supporting reading, language, and literacy development.

As Celebrate Literacy Week Florida! approaches, The Village looks forward to collaborating with community partners to disseminate these valuable resources. To receive a kit or explore becoming a community partner, please click, here or reach out to Katie Sanchez via email.