RAZ Plus


Program description

Raz-Plus is a technology-based instructional program designed for students in grades K-5. The program consists of several key features including student-centered, scaffolded online readings with standards-aligned, leveled books, and comprehension activities as well as level-based and curriculum resources for teachers to use in offline instruction. The program is designed to be implemented in 30 minute sessions 5 days a week. 

Student population

Raz-Plus has been examined among a predominantly Black sample of K-5th grade students in rural settings who attended low socioeconomic status schools (Title 1). Students in the study represented an average range of reading ability. 

Current evidence

Raz-Plus has been rated as Strong by Evidence for ESSA in grades K-5 (https://www.evidenceforessa.org/programs/reading/raz-plus). 

For more information


Ho, H. & Mathias, S. (2019). Implementation and efficacy study of a blended learning literacy program for students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Denver, CO: McRel International.