Lexia PowerUp Reading

Program description

Lexia PowerUp Reading is a technology-based program designed to help struggling adolescent readers in grades 6-12 reach grade level competency. Instruction is designed to be 40 minutes of supplemental instruction per day. The program identifies skill gaps and provides personalized lessons in Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension. Progress monitoring within the system provides data and scripted lessons to assist teachers in developing personalized instruction offline.

Student population

Lexia PowerUp Reading has been examined in 6th through 8th grades in a suburban setting. Participants included Black and White struggling readers in primarily economically disadvantaged (Title 1) schools. 

Current evidence

Lexia PowerUp Reading has been rated as Strong by Evidence for ESSA (https://www.evidenceforessa.org/programs/reading/lexia-powerup-literacy) for middle school students.

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Hurwitz, L. B. (2020). Supporting Struggling and Non-Proficient Middle School Readers with the Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® Program. Concord, MA: Lexia Learning Systems LLC, A Rosetta Stone Company.