Rasheda Haughbrook, Ph.D.

Rasheda Haughbrook

Contact Information

College of Arts and Sciences-Psychology
Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Haughbrook is interested in the intersection of the environment, genetics, and overall context as they relate to our developmental outcomes, like academic achievement, physical health, and mental health. She is also interested in exploring novel statistical modeling to measure growth, change, and development in academic achievement, and public health outcomes‚ÄĒemphasizing historically understudied populations. Dr. Haughbrook is invested in translative research that improves overall growth and development, with the belief that understanding the complex relation between education and health edges us closer to improved public health outcomes.

Lab Description

The Context Lab is made up of undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and research staff. Together they focus on contextual influences related to academic achievement, mental health, and physical health outcomes. They conduct lab-based research, field studies, and they love secondary data analyses. The Context Lab works with populations across the developmental lifespan, with a major emphasis on child development. The lab is affiliated with a number of centers at FSU including the Florida Center for Reading Research and The Center for Population Science and Health Equity.