School Leader’s Literacy Walkthrough for Grades K-5

The School Leader’s Literacy Walkthrough tool is designed to assist school leaders in grades K-5 in supporting classroom literacy instruction and is aligned to Florida’s B.E.S.T. English Language Arts Standards. For the purposes of this tool, school leaders may include principals, assistant principals, literacy coaches, members of the literacy leadership team, teacher leaders or others.

This tool is not meant to be used in the evaluation of teachers. Instead, this tool is intended to help school leaders enhance literacy instruction knowledge, establish lines of communication centered on literacy instruction with teachers, and ensure consistent language regarding literacy content and instructional practices. Further, the use of this tool can be the foundation for productive conversations among school leaders and teachers to inform coaching and professional learning needs to improve instruction. Teachers should be given a copy of the walkthrough tool and school leaders should provide an overview of the tool and its purpose.

The following School Leader’s Literacy Walkthrough can be used for frequent 5 to 15-minute walkthroughs. It may be used to focus on either one or multiple literacy components. Space is provided for school leaders to record evidence in the form of notes and reflections. The walkthrough is not meant to be evaluative and this should be emphasized with teachers.