K-3 Reading Tutors

The Florida Center for Reading Research, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education, has developed materials and guidance to support districts and schools with implementing effective tutoring programs for students who require additional support in reading. Designed initially as a webinar, the information presented has been compiled and developed to help districts, school-based practitioners, and stakeholders in a guided process of planning and implementing a state-funded reading tutoring program for students who need additional support in early literacy. Contact the Just Read Florida! Office at the Florida Department of Education or The Florida Center for Reading Research at fcrr@fcrr.org to find out more information about how to participate in the program.


The materials for K-3 Reading Tutors may be used as long as modifications are not made, the materials will only be used for non-profit educational purposes, and the copyright belong jointly to the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Center for Reading Research. These materials may not be used for any commercial purposes. These materials on our site may be linked to but not reposted, reproduced, modified, or copied to other sites. For questions about the use of these materials, please contact The Florida Center for Reading Research at fcrr@fcrr.org.