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Questions to Guide Instruction

The Questions to Guide Instruction have been developed to help you learn more about the needs of your students and to guide your instruction with specific groups and/or individual students. The questions are specific to each grade level and reading component. After you select a grade level, a list of reading components will appear with these interactive features:

  • "Help me decide” - Sample tasks to help you determine if the student has mastered a specific reading skill.
  • “Yes” and “No” - You can check next to “Yes” or “No.” Your mark will remain on the screen as a visual reminder until you select “Reset.”
  • “View Instructional Routine” - Instructional Routines are available for most questions and can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate box. These Instructional Routines are in a printable format to use during small group instruction.
These questions will give you a great start in learning more about your students. For a more in-depth look at skills to be mastered during a specific grade level, please refer to the Instructional Planning Guides / Student Progress Records.

Select a grade level to view guiding questions.