Project Graduate 2.0: Unlocking the Power and Potential of Georgia’s Foster Youth

Project Grad 2.0

Project Graduate 2.0 is a research-practice partnership alliance focused on the educational achievement of Georgia’s foster youth. Through relevant research and robust partnerships, we will develop strategies to ensure that more foster youth graduate from high school.

In partnership with the Urban Child Study Center at Georgia State University, an interdisciplinary team of researchers will support efforts to:

  • build the Division's internal capacity to collect, analyze and utilize data to inform practice and policies
  • strengthen the Division’s and its partners' ability to identify struggling students, determine effective interventions, and develop methods for monitoring overall progress
  • conduct research using state and local data to inform practice and policies related to educational stability, literacy achievement, and students with special needs
  • participate in dissemination activities to increase awareness, inform programming and policies, and support scalability of best practices.

Project Graduate 2.0