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Grades K-5 Student Center Activities

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

Speaking & Listening

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These activities were designed as small group activities to provide students with additional opportunities to practice skills that were previously instructed.

Sometimes an activity will be appropriate for reinforcing a standard in multiple grade levels (e.g., one of the activities designed for grades 2–3 may be usable in grade 1). However, the activity may contain materials such as vocabulary or text that is above a first grade reading level. We suggest that teachers adapt the materials to suit their students’ needs (e.g., change the vocabulary to more appropriate words). These activities are designated in the table by an asterisk (*).

The standards are coded in the following manner: The first letter(s) designates the strand (e.g., L = Language). The first number or “K” indicates the grade. The second number indicates the standard. When a lower case letter follows the second number, it indicates that it is a grade specific expectation of that standard.

Other Resources
Refer to the Center on Instruction documents for the alignment of SCAs to the CCSS.

The English Language Arts Common Core State Standards can be downloaded here.

Downloading the Activities
Click on the title to view the activity. Activities are downloaded as PDF files. Click here to download Adobe Reader™.

Kindergarten Activities

C.011a Story Question Cube C.014a Retell Wheel  
C.004a Silly Sentence Mix-Up    


First Grade Activities

C.011a Story Question Cube C.014a Retell Wheel  
C.004a Silly Sentence Mix-Up